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Hermes birkin bag

In my life ,i love to own a Hermes birkin bag ,jane birkin.this is old story about jane,In 1981, Jane was taking a plane and was seated next to the Hermes Chief Executive, Jean Louis Dumas. She was about to take her seat when all the contents of her straw travelling bag fell on the ground. This awkward moment was the inspiration for Hermes to design the perfect bag for a weekend away.
This Hermes brand,the price is pretty high,but i think every women dream to own one.
that's why a lot of super stars will have Hermes bag.they have enough money,that is the important reason.
Hermes birkin in blue
Hermes birkin white

Hermes birkin black 

spring color handbag trends

Spring like a pink color ,everything will turn green,so we love to choose pink color handbag,it is a trend.
pink color.


Hermes Oran H Sandals white color in sheep leather

Hermes Oran H Sandals
is very fashion shoes in Hermes ,you can wear it at home or ,you can take it for your holiday ,will make you gorgeous when you wear them on the beach!